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Silver Rings For Men

When looking for the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one, Simply Silver have a range of men’s rings suitable for a range of events/occasions such as weddings, engagements, parties, and every day wear.

Add a touch of class to your outfit with a classic 925 sterling silver band or a little sparkle with our premium moissanite men’s engagement rings.

Benefits of our men’s rings


Highly durable

Our men’s silver rings are highly durable as sterling silver is alloyed with copper



Sterling silver jewellery doesn’t contain the moderately allergic metal nickel, causing less irritation.

Shines Brighter

Perfect for any occasion

Pair our rings with any outfit suitable for any occasion!

Suitable for every day wear

Our men’s silver rings are perfect for every day wear as well as special occasions. Shop with confidence as our sterling silver rings hard wearing and durable due to their composition.

925 sterling silver is alloyed with hard wearing copper and makes the metal suitable for everyday wear!